The Challenge

Denver Children’s Advocacy Center works to improve the lives of children traumatized by abuse, neglect, and violence, as well as those that are at risk, with prevention, education, and direct services. Their mission is accomplished with integrated, research-based programming, a professional staff, the support of countless community partners, and individuals that understand the importance of their work.

Similar to many companies, Denver Children’s Advocacy Group contacted Techinc as the next process-driven step related to an IT analysis and their current level of service. Companies transform over time, and the importance of partnering with an IT company capable of meeting new challenges is often the catalyst for change.

Advanced security, cloud migrations, and IT organization were areas of focus.

The IT Solution

Our team of technical support specialists put together a plan to boost DCAC’s security and add structure to their overall IT system.

Solution #1: Safe Communication

Techinc authored a plan to migrate Denver Children’s Advocacy Center to a fully administered and cloud-hosted Microsoft Exchange platform. Coupled with tightened security and configuration that complies with Microsoft security best practices, DCAC can communicate in a safe and reliable manner.

Solution #2: Overall Security

Techinc protects the services and viability of DCAC by using a managed threat and response solution capable of neutralizing even the most advanced cybersecurity threats. Our threat management solution is delivered by a team with unparalleled product expertise and around-the-clock coverage designed to take targeted actions on behalf of the customer.

The Results

Trust-based relationships are built over time. Techinc will continue to demonstrate our willingness to support technology initiatives at Denver Children’s Advocacy Center. We are committed to working responsibly and in collaboration with management at DCAC to ensure the best possible path forward.

Our goals target alignment with their business objectives to further support the viability of their great mission—a coordinated and multidisciplinary approach to preventing child abuse.

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