Many businesses today are aware of the importance of budgeting and planning for quality cyber security. As technology grows, so does the number of people who want to manipulate it for personal gain. Businesses take advantage of emerging technologies to enhance their productivity while cyberattacks are evolving to wreak havoc or steal sensitive information.

Techinc has been providing business cyber security in Denver for over a decade. In this article, we discuss why cyber security is important and how to prevent cyber security risks. 

Why cyber security is important

Cyber security is a process used to protect and recover computer systems from any cyber attack. The ultimate aim of IT security is to prevent unauthorized access. Safeguarding programs, networks, devices and data is essential for most businesses. There are many reasons why cyber security is important for your business. Here are a few examples: 

Prevents data breaches 

An unexpected data breach can be a disaster for the average business. Not only is data lost and stolen, but recovering information can also take up valuable time. Intruders could gain access to personal or financial data. For example, an attacker may gain access to someone’s protected health information. Identity theft can be a result of a data breach, causing irreparable harm. Having quality cyber security can ensure effective data backup and recovery.

Reduces damage caused by phishing

Effective cyber security can counteract the damage caused by social engineerings, such as phishing. Attackers use deceptive links, emails, websites or text messages to gain access to confidential information. One wrong click can download malware into a business’s IT infrastructure. In cases like these, human error plays a large part. 

Phishing can be when an individual receives a call from a scammer claiming to be a bank employee to gain access to their finances. Operational security can help reduce the prevalence of social engineering scams. It does this by determining how and where to store data. Processes can be put in place to safeguard valuable data and a disaster recovery plan can restore information and operations to the same operating capacity as before an attack. 

Guards against destructive malware

Dependable IT security can help protect computer systems against harmful malware. Simple devices such as tablets can aid in a companies productivity. However, each device is a potential entry point for a cyber attack.

Malware is malicious software that can steal, encrypt or delete precious data. Through malware, cybercriminals can gain access to every corner of a network. Attacks can be targeted or opportunistic and exist to cause damage. Ransomware is malware that can completely block a business or user from its network until a ransom is paid. Every business needs to take cyber security seriously to avoid destructive attacks. 

Saves relationships and reputation

Cyber security is important for the reputation of businesses, big or small. When cyber threats become real and malicious attacks occur, businesses can lose their most precious asset – consumer trust. Putting customers’ data at risk by not having a cyber security system can be a dangerous game to play. If private information is compromised, it can be hard to save face with customers, stakeholders and investors. Good cyber security leads to peace of mind for businesses and customers. 

Boosts productivity

Many companies would rather pay a little for cyber security and save big on their business’s productivity. What many businesses fail to consider is how much downtime the simplest of cyberattacks can cause. The longer it takes to pick up the pieces after a disastrous event, the higher the cost to the business. The sooner you get up and running, the bigger advantage you have over competitors with inferior security measures. 

How to protect your business against cybercrime

There are many levels of defence in a quality IT infrastructure security system. Ensuring every internet-connected device is secure is your first point of call. Here are two ways you can protect your business:

1. Education

Although the number one shield against cybercrime is first-rate cyber security, reducing human error can help minimize cybercrime. Here are some easy steps you can take to avoid attacks:

  • ensure to mark suspicious emails as spam
  • make staff aware of malicious links and attachments
  • teach staff not to post sensitive information 
  • ensure personal device protection when connecting to a companies network
  • use strong passwords
  • ensure security policies are standard across departments

2. Invest in quality IT security 

Businesses can invest in tools that limit cyberattacks. These tools may include network security, antivirus software, and cloud storage. Many businesses implement cyber security to keep customer data secure and safe. Putting your trust in a quality IT company could be an excellent way to protect your business. Techinc is a Denver IT specialist with IT solutions you can count on. If you want a comprehensive cyber security system contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your business.