Most people aren’t exactly professionals when it comes to fixing computers. Opening up a device can be daunting, especially when you come across circuit boards that look like miniature lego cities. Before you lose half the components of your computer, it’s probably best to contact a professional IT service provider.

Techinc has been providing professional IT services to homes and businesses across Denver for over a decade. We understand the importance of computer systems for the smooth operation of modern businesses. In this article, we share seven tips on what to do before sending your computer for repair. 

What to do before sending your computer for repair 

Usually, the most important part about sending your computer away for fixing is how you backup and secure your information. There is a possibility that your computer is beyond repair, in which case you may lose all of your data. For those of you who have sensitive information on your computer, such as confidential business documents, you may want to secure your data or remove it so no prying eyes can have access. 

Below you can find seven tips on what to do before sending your computer for repair:

Backup your data

Backing up your data is usually a crucial step to take before sending your computer away. If your computer is seriously busted (dropped in a swimming pool), you may not actually have a chance to backup anything. That’s why it’s important to regularly save the information you wish to keep. You can backup the data on your computer by saving it to an external storage device, such as a USB or hard drive.

Store important files on a network

This is essentially the same as backing up files on your computer, except you save it to a virtual database. Saving your information within something like cloud storage can ensure it’s never misplaced or lost. Though having said that, there is a small possibility that the cloud storage system may develop errors. It shouldn’t be an issue if you’re storing personal files, but if you’re storing extensive amounts of data from your business, you may want to use a professional IT service provider to ensure your important data is continuously backed up on an external server. 

Secure sensitive data

If you’re sending your PC to a computer repair shop, you may want to consider encrypting or removing sensitive files. There may be sensitive business information or personnel information, such as bank cards, passwords, passports and birth certificates. While it’s unlikely your local computer shop is involved in corporate espionage, you can never be too safe when it comes to personal data. If you have a business that stores information virtually, you should consider employing an IT service provider who can update your network with the latest cyber security

Ensure easy access

This one may seem a bit contradictory to previous steps, but it’s sometimes a good idea to make your computer easily accessible. If you don’t want to give away your password, you can temporarily remove login requirements. This can make it easier for your IT technician to access your computer. Most IT service providers are subject to strict standards that ensure professionals adhere to a code of conduct. 

Explain the issue

Describing what the issue is with your computer is not always an easy thing to do. We’re not exactly suggesting you imitate machine sounds over the phone. But every bit of information you provide makes it easier for your IT professional to identify the cause. Useful information you can provide may include where a sound is coming from, the location of excessive vibrations, and any areas that are hot to touch. 

Keep software keys

This is quite an important one, especially if you’ve accumulated several programs over the years. Software keys are usually a nine-digit code that you enter when installing software, such as the windows operating system. If a factory reset of your computer is required, you may have to re-install software programs. So hold onto your software keys! In today’s era, most keys are provided online, so as long as you have access to your email, you should have access to your keys. 

Choose an IT service provider you can trust

If you own or manage a business, you may have a large range of computers and network systems. Hiring an IT professional to complete one job may include call out fees and additional expenses. If you employ an IT service provider, you can usually pay monthly and have 24/7 professional IT support. Depending on the service provider, they may offer remote IT services, which means you don’t have to wait for an onsite technician. 

Here at Techinc, we have an expert team of information technology specialists. We pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of IT services across Denver, from IT consulting to security assessments. We understand the importance of personal and business data. Our specialists in computer services can recover lost data, repair physical damage, update computer software and even set up your entire business IT infrastructure.