A strong WiFi network is practically a necessity today. Your employees need it to incorporate their personal devices into their work, and customers expect it as a courtesy.

A Wireless Site Survey is recommended when implementing a wireless network and periodically throughout the course of your business. It can assess the level of existing wireless coverage and performance. It can provide you with a wealth of information about how your network performs, and how to make it better. This can help you determine which equipment is best to meet your needs.

What is a wireless site survey?

A wireless site survey involves planning and designing a wireless network. This process needs to consider the required coverage and quality of service needed for network users. A survey is required to assess and understand the radio frequency behavior on-site. It can also help determine if there are any ‘dead zones’ or areas of channel interference. By the end of the process, you should understand the feasibility of building a wireless network on your site and the best place for access points and other equipment such as cables and antennas. 

In addition, a site survey will help determine what type of equipment you may need, where it will go, and how to install it. If you already have a wireless network installed, then a wireless site survey can assess the effectiveness of the existing network and where you can make improvements.  

How does a wireless site survey help your business? 

So, how does a wireless site survey actually help your business? Read on to find out:

Save money and increase productivity

Site surveys can help your bottom line by assessing areas of interference or ‘dead zones’. By fixing these areas, your business can work more effectively and, therefore, more productively. Without a proper site survey, you could under-or overestimate the number of access points needed. This can cause you to pay for unneeded equipment.

A properly configured network can also result in less downtime and, thus, more productivity. A properly configured network should reduce service interruptions. As part of the wireless site survey, the team can discuss with you the overall goals and plans for the network to further ensure that it has the configuration to suit your needs. 

Data security

If you are using a WiFi network, then it needs protecting. No business is safe, no matter how big or small, from cyber-crime. A wireless site survey can protect your business by serving as the foundation for a solid and secure network for authorized devices. An assessment of the location of WiFi access points can optimize network security, as some access points may provide better security than others. Proper security consultants can also check the reliability and security of your network and discuss where you can make changes and upgrades to improve your level of security and keep your data safe. 

Ensure adequate bandwidth to meet business and customer needs

 Throughput and coverage per user are important factors to consider when determining the need for a site survey. Different devices throughout your business can consume a lot of bandwidth. Activities such as running particular software used by employees, video calling, Voice Over Internet Protocol, application updates and web browsing can all impact bandwidth. This can cause interruptions to critical business functions and operations due to network traffic bottlenecks. A wireless site survey can assess whether you have the bandwidth to cover the needs of your business and consultants can discuss options with you on how to improve your network to meet your needs.

Techinc has you covered  

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