Technology systems power many processes across every sector and impact the performance of business operations. IT systems help an organization communicate, store valuable data, execute operations and achieve goals that would be unachievable manually. While these systems perform such complex tasks, their mechanisms can be proportionately complicated. Often, their implementation and maintenance can require the help of experts.

This is exactly what IT consultants are for. Techinc provides IT consulting services to help Denver businesses determine how technology can support their growth and success. In this article, we answer the question “what are IT consulting services?” and provide the top eight benefits of implementing this service into your business.

What are IT consulting services?

Information Technology (IT) describes the platforms and computer software most of us use every day to perform our work. The IT professionals that work to create and maintain hardware and software play a diverse and broad role in keeping organizations operational through functioning IT. However, many businesses are steering away from internal IT teams due to their inefficiency and lack of knowledge. And many other companies aren’t large enough to justify internal IT staff. Instead, they use IT consulting services as external support for their systems whenever they need them. These consultants often work with clients continuously. This allows them to quickly learn the business objectives and IT processes, and then apply their expertise to help their clients succeed.

Organizations may want to capitalize on new innovative software. However, they may not know which platforms will serve them best in reaching their goals. IT consulting services can discuss objectives and provide recommendations that will optimize processes and implement the right structures. IT consultants might help evaluate technology strategies and match them to business strategies. As IT is a catalyst for business growth and development, IT consultants can help a company use these innovations for successful transformations.

The top 8 benefits of IT consulting services

Using IT consulting services to help your business and to reach your objectives can be highly advantageous. When we discuss the benefits, they’re based on hiring an IT consulting company to use when you need them in comparison to an internal IT team. If you don’t have an in-house team, then the following benefits are likely to be even more positive:

1. Channel your focus on your primary work

Any employee that spends their time in between their core competencies and managing secondary functions can be less productive. This opportunity cost is even larger when the second responsibility is IT systems, a complex yet essential function to keep operational.

Using IT consulting services means you and your staff can focus on your fundamental duties first. This can ensure every part of the team completes their work and the business thrives with improved productivity and profitability. Not to mention, the consultants know what they’re doing, and can have your systems in working order much faster.

2. Leverage expert help

IT consultants work specifically to provide their expertise to clients. This means it’s part of their job to have a vast knowledge of systems and networks and to stay up to date with emerging technologies. In-house IT teams can be convenient for fixing a platform that they’re familiar with, like Outlook, for example. However, this same person probably won’t have the diverse knowledge to implement new solutions while spending their time on their core competencies.

An IT consultant leverages each new project that they work on into their repertoire as well as learning new client requirements. This helps them to ensure they remain an industry expert and can provide a service.

3. Reduce costs and increase profitability

Hiring an IT consultant has a double cost-benefit. The first is in the outcomes of their work. By implementing IT strategies, they can reduce overall costs by maximizing efficiencies. Secondly, you only pay them for their independent services, and not the benefits, workspace, salary, and other financial responsibilities of a permanent employee.

You might choose to hire an IT consultant on an ongoing basis, but you’ll typically only pay for the work they do for you. This often translates to great value for money.

4. A new perspective on your operations

It’s normal to have a healthy sense of pride in your business. However, it can sometimes cause you to miss blind spots that are holding you back. Especially in the world of technology, when getting your staff on the same page and level of understanding can be time-consuming.

An external IT consultant can provide an expert perspective on your processes from their practical knowledge of industry best practices. They can also recommend changes that can support efficiencies and business growth.

5. Increased cybersecurity and protection

Cybersecurity has become imperative to business operations. The risk of data breaches has major financial and reputational consequences. Additionally, not complying with government regulations can result in penalties. Businesses of all sizes are targeted by attackers too, and as cybercriminals get faster and smarter, stronger protection is also required.

Some IT consultants specialize in cybersecurity and data protection. You can hire these professionals to run technology assessments and establish a software that keeps your systems secure. A general IT consultant may also have a basic understanding of your vulnerabilities and can refer you to the correct services.

6. Improved productivity and efficiency

IT consultants can work with you to create an IT strategy at any stage of your business. They’re experts on both emerging and existing technologies. So, this strategy is likely to leverage the best software available and make your processes more productive and efficient.

An IT consultant can control the full-service of the technology too, from planning, implementation to correct management.

7. Access to the best IT experts

IT consulting firms usually have the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals because they can afford to keep them by distributing them to various accounts. This means businesses of all sizes have access to the very best experts in the field. These businesses also don’t have to commit long term, so they can capitalize on affordable, but invaluable knowledge.

This model allows even small businesses that otherwise couldn’t afford a highly credible IT employee the same chance of success. What’s more, even if you do have an employee with this level of expertise, they’re unlikely to have the broad range of knowledge of all consultants. Instead, this model allows you to choose consultants in different areas of specialization as and when you need that particular service.

8. Attract and retain employees

Your staff generally work at their best and are most fulfilled when they’re doing what you hired them to do. Giving them multiple hats to wear can lead to stressed employees who might struggle to get their work done. Throw in the notoriously problematic IT maintenance as one of the hats, and you’re bound to look less attractive to employees.

Using IT consulting services tells your employees that you value their work by having an expert take care of your systems. It also means your systems will be as efficient as possible. So, they can do their work with ease and appreciation.

The benefits list that keeps on growing

The list of benefits grows as you find the right IT consultant service provider for you. Techinc is driven to build relationships with our clients, so as well as only paying for the service you use from our experts, they become a part of your team for that time and boost you towards your goals. Ready to discuss partnering with Techinc for your IT consulting? Contact us today.