It’s Most businesses utilize a network and computer system to assist in their daily business activities. Trying to manage, upgrade and secure your network can take a lot of time away from your busy schedule. Fortunately, IT service providers can help you maintain your network system, improve your security and save on IT costs.

Here at Techinc, we have provided quality and professional IT services to clients across Denver for over a decade. Our team of specialists have advanced skills in providing IT services. In this article, we share some of the benefits of IT managed services for your business. 

10 benefits of IT managed services

There is a wide range of benefits your business can experience when you employ a professional IT services provider. Some of the managed IT services include computer repair, data backup, IT consulting and network securing. The main benefit of utilizing an IT managed service provider is that it’s hassle-free and cost-effective. When you employ an IT service provider, they can maintain, fix and improve your network system. Below you can find the 10 benefits of IT managed services:

1. Smooth business operations

Trying to fiddle around with cables and servers can be tedious and time-consuming. If someone who lacks the knowledge and skills of an IT professional attempts to work on a network system, chances are something is going to go wrong. IT managed service providers look after all the information technology aspects of your company, ensuring the smooth operation of daily business activities. 

2. Cost savings

One of the many issues that a business might face is an unexpected network outage. Having to employ an IT professional for a single service can entail call-out fees and increased costs. Fortunately, IT managed services providers typically charge a monthly fee, instead of charging you per job. Predictable costs mean that you can plan your business’s budget with more confidence and not be surprised by any large bills. 

3. Easy upgrading

Upgrading network systems or management technology can often be time-consuming and involve many tasks. An IT managed services provider can upgrade your network and computer systems while ensuring no data is lost in the upgrading process. When upgrading a network system, it may have to restart or temporarily shut down. The great news is, IT service providers can help keep this downtime to a minimum. 

4. Minimal network downtime

IT service providers maintain your network system, ensuring it is constantly running. If your workplace has a network outage, it can potentially halt your business activities. So, engaging an IT provider can provide you with confidence and peace of mind that your network system remains stable. 

5. 24/7 support

IT service providers are usually available to offer support or address issues regardless of the date or time of day. If it’s the weekend and you have a few hours of work remaining that you were planning on getting done, the last thing you’d want is for your entire business network to shut down. Employing IT providers can ensure that you always have an IT technician ready and able to assist you. 

6. Remote and flexible access

Most of us have had issues with our computers before, only to spend hours waiting on the phone to no avail. Some IT service providers offer remote IT services, which means that an IT technician can come to your place of work and directly resolve the issue. This often results in a quicker and more advanced fix for your IT problem. 

7. Cyber security

The use of technology and online networks in business operations has steadily been increasing over the decades. Increased cyber activity usually brings an increased risk of cybercrime. Information and confidential data relating to your business may be at risk if you have no form of network security. IT service providers can maintain and install the latest IT security technology to keep your business safe. 

8. Preventative action

Most businesses that don’t employ IT service providers usually hire an IT technician to fix problems as they arise. This can prove to be costly and rather ineffective at maintaining network integrity. IT service providers constantly check and update IT systems to ensure that potential issues are taken care of before they pose a real problem to your business.

9. Expertise

IT service providers usually employ professional information technology specialists. IT professionals have a wide range of skills and knowledge in the installation and maintenance of network systems. Therefore, engaging an IT service provider can usually keep your mind at ease, knowing your business network is in the hands of trained experts. 

10. Compliances and standards

One of the main benefits of managed services in IT is that the provider will be well-versed in data regulations and compliances. Regulations from governing bodies such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) determine several legalities surrounding the distribution and storage of data. It can be safe to say that IT service providers can take the hard work out of ensuring your business complies with relevant data and privacy standards. 

Finding the right IT service provider

Many IT service providers may be available to you. When choosing an IT service provider, consider one with extensive experience. Our team of specialists at Techinc are highly trained in network security, managing software, remote network access and many other IT services. We understand the role that technology plays in business operations. Our team is committed to providing professional and specialised managed IT services.