The Ins and Outs of Technology Support

Just about anyone who runs a business uses some form of technology, whether that be a single laptop or a network that supports a team of 50. And that technology will inevitably encounter problems on occasion, or perhaps it just won’t make sense for a business any longer.

That’s where technology support in Fort Collins comes in.

While many businesses choose to employ a team of IT professionals, there’s another increasingly popular option: hiring a technology support company. These companies focus only on IT and are your one-stop shop for tech repairs, updates, and strategy. When you work with one of these companies (usually for a flat-rate fee), you receive all of the benefits of industry experts at a lower cost than hiring your own team.

The team at Techinc is no exception—our technicians all have at least 5-10 years of experience in IT prior to being hired, and they bring that extensive knowledge to every client project. We offer a variety of IT services to satisfy your technology needs, including consulting, computer repair, managed IT services, and security solutions. Whatever your business needs to grow and stay protected, we can help.

We also make partnership a priority. It’s not enough to just provide exemplary technology support; we build relationships with our clients. When we work together, we create a technology strategy (with your help) for your business. This strategy helps you build a solid foundation and continue growing your business.

Is a Technology Support Company in Fort Collins Better Than an In-House Team?

Every business’s needs are unique, but technology support companies offer some key benefits that can impact your growth and bottom line.

Before you start looking for potential in-house IT employees, consider the following questions.

  • What’s your budget like? If you’re hoping to hire IT professionals with a lot of experience, expect to pay a premium. On the other hand, technology support companies give you access to a number of IT experts at a fixed monthly price.
  • Who will you turn to for technology emergencies after normal business hours? While your employees may be off the clock, Techinc is available on weekends and after-hours for problems that just can’t wait.
  • Can you rely on your IT employees to catch issues before they happen? One of our guiding principles is proactivity—we look for problems early to keep them from developing into greater issues.
  • Are you willing to put time and money into training your tech support team? Technology is constantly advancing, which means IT professionals need to stay updated. Technology support companies handle training themselves.

Hiring a technology support company in Fort Collins will make your life a lot easier. If you’re still not sure, keep reading for more on what we can bring you.

What Else Do You Get With Technology Support?

While they won’t be located at your office, your technology support company will operate much like an internal IT team. When computers need to be updated, they’ll handle it. When your network is down, they’ll get it back up and running. When you’re not sure what technology you need for your growing business, they’ll help you figure it out.

The best technology support companies—like Techinc—also prioritize customer service. We want our clients to feel completely comfortable with us, which is why we make every effort to educate ourselves on customer service. Each member of our team is encouraged to build relationships with our clients, and you will always be treated with respect (even in the most stressful of situations).

When you work with a technology support company, you won’t have to worry about any part of your IT infrastructure—they’ll watch over it all. At Techinc, we understand that a well-running infrastructure is essential to daily operations. We also provide complete security solutions to ensure your business is protected from viruses, hackers, and other cybersecurity threats.

When combined, all of the services offered by an IT services provider create an ironclad foundation for your business’s operations.

Technology Support in Fort Collins: Techinc’s Story

Founded in 2005 by Matt Wood

Our founder began his career in the US Air Force, where he worked on mission-critical aircraft. Yes, this role was as important as it sounds! Among a variety of things, Matt learned about the value of preventative maintenance here. Next he worked in risk management for the City of Loveland. This job allowed him to learn how to figure out and alleviate business risks.

Matt then decided to go to graduate school at Colorado State University, which gave him the foundation for a career in information technology. Later, while working in an IT department, Matt realized that he could run his own IT business with a unique offering: completely customizable IT services with a focus on proactivity and risk management.

Techinc launched in 2005, and Matt hasn’t looked back. He’s grown his team and business into one of the most reputable technology support companies in Colorado. We’re proud to serve our community.

Why You Should Hire Techinc for Your Technology Support Needs

1. Clear Invoices

Our invoices are easy to read and understand. Before we even send them, you will already have an idea of what they will say.

2. Complete Satisfaction

We promise 100% satisfaction. If our clients aren’t happy, we’re not happy. 

3. Regular Project Updates

We add all project updates to our online services system, which our clients have easy access to.

4. All-Hours Access

Our clients receive an after-hours number, which they can use to contact us outside of regular business hours. Emergencies can’t wait!

5. Constant Network Monitoring

Our remote network monitoring system keeps tabs on your network at all times. This helps us catch problems or threats early on.

6. You’re Protected

We carry errors and omissions insurance, as well as workers’ compensation insurance. 

7. Budgets and Timelines Are Honored

You’ll know exactly when a project will be finished and how much it will cost.

8. Tech Strategy Adapts to You

We’ll create a tech strategy for you that adjusts as your business grows and changes. We check in with you regularly to ensure our services are meeting your needs.

9. Remote Tech Services

We can connect to your network and computers remotely, meaning many problems can be solved quickly.

10. Promises Are Kept

Our promises aren’t empty; with many happy clients and years of experience under our belt, we can confidently make promises and keep them.

Technology Support Services in Fort Collins, CO

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We believe in the power of relationships and results. Check out all of our Fort Collins-based services today! 

Take Your Business’s IT to the Next Level

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