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These days, you can’t leave your company’s network and systems defenseless. You risk litigation, fines, and the loss of clients or customers.

The team at Techinc is dedicated to ensuring that your Denver business’s cyber security is top notch. It’s a tough job, but it’s our area of expertise. Let us find your weak links and potential issues before they become major problems. Your initial security assessment is free! Our team of expert technicians will then make recommendations and set you up for success.

Our security assessment is an in-depth review of your technology environment; it includes situational analysis, document review, risk identification, a vulnerability scan, data analysis, and a final report and briefing.

What You Can Expect to Find in
Techinc’s Free Security Assessment

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Executive Summary

Before we jump into the details, an executive summary briefly covers the scope of the assessment and our objectives.

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Methods and Tools Used

We’ll explain exactly how we conducted our security assessment and generated our recommendations.

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Current Security vs. Needs

We’ll assess your current cyber security setup first, then compare this to the type of network and data security that your business should have.

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Assessment Results

At the end of the assessment, we’ll summarize our findings and list recommendations for your business. Our IT specialists can help you with the next steps.

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Answers to Security
Assessment Questions

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A security assessment is exactly what it sounds like—we review your current network and data security and let you know what could be improved.

A security assessment allows you to see any gaps in your Denver business’s cyber security setup. This can save you from negative situations in the future.

Once you know what you’re missing in your security, you can get it fixed. A great security setup keeps you protected from hackers and viruses, and your employees and customers will appreciate your dedication to their online safety.

If you’re unsure about the quality of your current security system, you need a security assessment. With Techinc, your initial security assessment is free!

We’d be happy to. Techinc has supported and maintained the cyber security of businesses throughout Denver, Aurora, Littleton, and Colorado’s Front Range cities.

In our security assessment, we take a close look at your entire security setup to identify any weaknesses. After we conduct the assessment, we clearly explain to you how we did it (i.e., what tools and methods were used).

Then we tell you what level of security your business should have/what upgrades and changes would be beneficial. You can decide if you would like us to assist you in implementing those changes.

Extremely! Businesses are increasingly moving their operations online, giving hackers plenty of targets. Even if you’ve never dealt with a virus or security breach before, you can never be sure when you’ll be the next victim—and it’s almost inevitable that it will happen.

When you’re proactive and put the right protections in place, you keep your data and business safe and give yourself the chance to keep operating for years to come.

Yes—in fact, you need one now more than ever. When your employees work in the office, they are protected by your office’s cyber security setup. When they work from home, they are open to a host of viruses, hackers, and other threats.

There are a number of measures you can take to increase your business’s cyber security as we move into a work-from-home world. We can help you implement them.

There are more and more ways for criminals to perform a ransomware attack every year. Here are a few of the primary methods: 

Malicious emails: Today’s criminals craft emails that are indistinguishable from genuine ones. They are grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes, and often written in a way that is relevant to you and your business.

Poisoned websites redirecting you to exploit kits: Another common way to get infected is by visiting a legitimate website that has been infected with an exploit kit. Even popular websites can be temporarily compromised. 

Exploit kits are black market tools that criminals use to exploit known or unknown vulnerabilities. You browse to the hacked website and click on an innocent-looking link, hover over an ad, or in many cases just look at the page. And that’s enough to download the ransomware file onto your computer and run it, often with no visible sign until after the damage is done.

RDP: RDP is what allows people to control Windows computers via a full graphical user interface over the internet. The millions of internet-connected computers running RDP include everything from cloud-hosted servers to Windows desktops used by remote workers, and each one is a potential gateway into an organization’s internal network.

Hacking is becoming easier while attackers are becoming more sophisticated in their approach. Criminals use skillful social engineering to prompt users to run the ransomware’s installation routine. 

They try to trick users into activating the ransomware with emails that encourage the recipient to click on a link or open a file. Producers of ransomware operate in a highly organized fashion. 

Attacks come from multiple directions, so it can be hard to predict attacks and cover all of your bases. Cyber attacks are also often carried out by experts—they can be multi-stage, coordinated, and blended. The average business owner doesn’t stand much of a chance against these experienced individuals.

And many businesses simply don’t realize the importance of cyber security until it’s too late. That’s why we make every effort to reach small businesses in the Denver area that can massively benefit from our security services.

Unfortunately, just about everyone. If you search the news for “ransomware attack,” you will find several new successful attacks occurring every week. The effects are devastating: huge ransomware demands, significant downtime and business disruption, reputation damage, loss of data, and (in an increasing number of cases) sensitive company data is auctioned off by attackers.

Upgrade your IT security! Your firewall and endpoint security can protect against attacks getting onto the network in the first place. If an attack should somehow penetrate your network, they can prevent it from spreading and infecting other systems. But not all firewalls and endpoint security solutions can do this effectively, so make sure you have an IT security system that does.

Additionally, you can hire an IT security expert like Techinc. When you work with us, you never have to stress out over your cyber security because we handle it all.

Data loss/leakage is the number-one concern for most organizations. Detection and response as well as multi-cloud management are some other major concerns that should be addressed by security experts.

Absolutely! Unfortunately, many small businesses in Denver don’t realize that they are just as likely to be a target of a cyber attack as much larger businesses. In fact, small businesses can be easy prey for cyber criminals for exactly that reason.

If you don’t have the proper protections in place, you put all of your customers, employees, vendors, and others at risk.

The costs associated with a successful cyber attack can be high.

  1. Damage to your reputation. Customers may not trust your business anymore if their data is stolen.
  2. Fines, fees, and lawsuits. Whether you’re paying your lawyer or the government, monetary costs can add up quickly.
  3. Even more costs. The monetary costs don’t stop there—you’ll likely lose money from sales and have to pay for emergency IT support.
  4. Fraud. Someone who attacks your network can gain access to private information like your bank accounts.
  5. Attacks on clients. Gaining access to your network means gaining access to your customers. Hackers may target your clients.

A cyber attack is clearly something you want to avoid. Make sure to protect yourself with proper cyber security.

Certainly. When we conduct a security assessment, we explain what cyber security solutions your business needs and why. Additionally, you can check out our blog for regular, up-to-date information on cyber security.

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