In today’s world technology is more important than ever before. For a business to run efficiently and effectively you need streamlined IT infrastructure and excellent support services. That’s why proactive IT support is so important; anticipate the problems before they arise and prepare for them. Technic has been helping businesses throughout Denver with IT support they can rely on. In this article, we share how to set your business up for success with proactive IT support. 

What is proactive IT support?

So, what is proactive IT support anyway? As the name suggests, it’s about strategy and prevention. It’s all about fixing potential IT problems, in-house before they occur. This approach can help with business growth by saving time, cutting down on cost and improving performance (but we’ll discuss more of the benefits later). 

It’s always better to be in control of a situation rather than responding to it after it’s occurred (known as reactive support). With regular service and maintenance by a trusted support team, you can keep your technology solutions running smoothly. It’s like taking care of your car or brushing your teeth every day. With that regular care, you are preventing major issues from arising. 

5 reasons why your business needs proactive IT support

Technology, like most things in life, isn’t perfect. There are always going to be problems that arise here and there. Your best chance at minimising these IT issues is by implementing a proactive plan. Here are five benefits to implementing proactive IT support into your business:

1. Reduce network downtime

Downtime refers to any unscheduled time that your computer system or network is unavailable. It can occur for a range of reasons such as power outages, hardware/software issues or poor maintenance. Downtime can be costly to your company because it interrupts work, every minute that passes means potential income loss. Sometimes, downtime is unavoidable but with proactive IT we can lessen the time your system is down. 

With proactive IT support, we can identify small issues and resolve them before they cause your system to crash. Proactive IT also prepares you for potential downtime by creating backup and recovery procedures. This means downtime is kept to a minimum and you can return to work as quickly as possible. It’s a little extra effort but it can pay off in the long run. 

2. Increase cyber security

Many companies are set up with basic cyber security measures in place which are then forgotten about. Online attackers are constantly evolving and creating new ways to invade your systems which means you need to stay proactive. It is not enough to simply install basic measures without updating them. A proactive IT expert can spot vulnerabilities in your system and install measures to fix them. This includes security patches and regularly updating your antivirus software. 

3. Improve performance

We all know how frustrating it can be to have a slow computer. Programs taking ages to load or files unable to be downloaded. It decreases productivity therefore negatively impacting your business. These issues are usually quite easy to resolve, so it’s worth speaking to a proactive IT specialist about them. 

Your proactive IT specialist can identify issues that are slowing down your systems. They can clean up your disks by removing unnecessary programs or files. They can also perform software updates which means faster processing for your computers. This small yet regular maintenance can save you from buying new unnecessary equipment. 

4. Save money

IT equipment can be costly, and if you’re taking a reactive approach you may find your hardware is breaking down regularly. With a proactive approach, you can regularly maintain your equipment to extend the lifespan. It also saves you from hiring extra IT experts to resolve issues that could have been prevented. 

5. Keep your end-users happy

Updated and maintained systems are smoother, faster and more efficient. This makes them easier to use which creates a more positive work environment. With updated systems, you can increase employee focus and productivity. You’ll see less frustrated faces and hear less exasperated calls to the IT department. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Wrapping up

Prevention is always best and proactive IT support allows you to spot potential problems and promptly fix them. It can create smoother business operations and a happier team. The benefits are endless, speak to one of our friendly Techinc experts to learn more.