All About IT Support Companies in Fort Collins

What Are IT Support Companies?

If you’re a business owner, you probably understand the value of having an expert IT team by your side. Anyone who relies on technology to run their business simply can’t go without some sort of IT services.

How you get those services, however, may vary. There are two primary options for business owners: employ an in-house IT team or hire an IT support company. Both have benefits, but IT support companies can have a massively positive impact on your bottom line.

IT support companies in Fort Collins bring you a team of technicians who know their stuff when it comes to IT. Thanks to this strong understanding of the industry and its constant growth, these companies can help your IT systems operate at their best. It won’t stop there—while in-house IT teams can become complacent, IT support companies will learn about your business and continue adjusting their services to meet your needs.

You won’t have to worry about missing out on any IT services, either. IT support companies like Techinc bring you comprehensive security solutions, consulting, managed services, data backup and recovery, and more. Usually these services are offered for a fixed monthly price.

Here at Techinc, we don’t just provide the best IT services in Fort Collins. We also establish strong relationships with our clients; by working with you to build an IT strategy for your business, we can ensure that your IT works in your best interest for years to come. As time passes, we continue checking in to ensure that the right systems are still in place. Everything that we do is in support of your business and its growth.

Isn’t an In-House Team More Convenient?

Having an in-house IT team does provide easy access to IT support, but you’ll lose out on a variety of benefits that come with hiring an IT support company. Before you start posting jobs online, ask yourself these questions.

  • Will you lose money by hiring your own IT department? Employing the brightest IT professionals has a high cost. You can get the same level of service and expertise at a lower price with IT support companies.
  • Can you expect your IT professionals to be available in emergencies? At Techinc, we provide our clients with an after-hours number. IT emergencies often can’t wait, so we don’t either.
  • Will your IT team not only fix issues but also prevent them? Preventative maintenance is one of Techinc’s guiding principles.
  • Are you prepared to spend time and money arranging training for your IT department? An IT support company brings you technicians who are already updated on the latest in the IT world, which means there’s less for you to worry about.

These are just a few of the benefits an IT support company can bring to your Fort Collins business.

What Exactly Do IT Support Companies Do?

Your IT support company will operate much like an in-house team. If your computer isn’t turning on, they will figure out the issue. If you want to install new technology, they will lead the way.

We can’t speak for every IT support company, but you’ll also experience world-class customer service when you work with Techinc. As we mentioned, client relationships are a priority for us. We utilize the customer service principles taught by the Zappos School of WOW, and we encourage our employees to get to know our clients. Regardless of the IT issue we’re working through, we’ll treat you and your employees with integrity and respect.

Every part of your IT infrastructure will be safe with us. By watching your system for potential threats, we help you avoid downtime and keep your daily operations running well. Techinc is also a strong believer in providing comprehensive security solutions; there is no substitute for outstanding security. Just one crack in the system can let in hackers and viruses, which can cause irreparable damage to businesses.

Finding the right IT support company in Fort Collins is essential to creating an IT infrastructure that will last.

IT Support Companies in Fort Collins: Who Is Techinc?

Our Origin Story

While we’ve proudly been serving Fort Collins–area businesses for over 15 years, we were once just an idea in Matt Wood’s head. Our founder’s life experience has everything to do with how we operate our business.

Early on, Matt worked on mission-critical aircraft in the US Air Force, which taught him about the importance of preventative maintenance. Later he worked in risk management, where he learned how to identify and mitigate business risks. His path was leading toward a career in business and IT, so Matt enrolled in graduate school at Colorado State University.

After school, Matt began working in an IT department. Here he realized that he could run his own IT business, one that focused on customizing IT services for small businesses. From there, Techinc grew.

We were officially founded in 2005, and since then we’ve offered exceptional IT support to small businesses throughout Colorado. Nothing brings us more pleasure than seeing our clients and friends succeed.

Why You Should Pick Techinc as Your IT Support Company in Fort Collins

1. Consistent Project Updates

Our online services system helps you stay up to date on all projects. We create status reports on your projects so you can simply log on and view them.

2. Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

You are the reason we’re in business. Without our clients, we wouldn’t be able to do the work we enjoy. That’s one of the reasons we make sure each of our clients is 100% satisfied with our services. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t either.

3. Around-the-Clock Availability

Sometimes an IT issue crops up outside of normal business hours. We get it. When you have a tech emergency that needs to be fixed now, you’ll have access to us—we provide all of our clients with an after-hours number. That way you’ll never be left high and dry.

4. Budget and Timeline Are Respected

We always discuss your budget and timeline at the beginning of the project. Whatever we settle on, we’ll stick to that agreement. When the projected is completed, we’ll never surprise you with hidden fees.

5. Insurance Is Provided

We never want our clients to worry about being protected. Techinc carries both errors and omissions insurance and workers’ compensation insurance so you can feel safe.

6. Invoices Are Crystal Clear

The invoices we send to our clients are easy to understand. We explain what we did, why it was done, and how much it cost. Every invoice is checked for accuracy, and nothing on the invoice will be unexpected.

7. 24/7 Network Monitoring

Your network is susceptible to a variety of threats, so we monitor it at all times using or remote network monitoring system. We can catch big problems like data loss and viruses early, meaning no downtime for you.

8. Remote Fixes Are an Option

When you need an issue dealt with ASAP and don’t have time to wait for a technician, we can access your system remotely. If possible, we’ll deal with the problem right from our office so you can get back to work quickly.

9. IT Strategy Changes with You

At the beginning of our business relationship, we’ll work with you to create an IT strategy that supports the growth of your business. And when your business grows, we’ll continue modifying that strategy to ensure it’s at its best for your stage of growth.

10. Promises Are Honored

We promise to bring you the best IT services in Fort Collins, and we honor that promise. We do everything in our power to make our clients happy. Expect exceptional service, incredible IT services, and a partner who cheers you on.

IT Companies in Fort Collins, CO

While there are several IT companies in the area, there’s only one Techinc. If you’re ready to speak with one of our technicians, contact us by phone or through our website. If you’d like to do some more research first, we understand. You can learn more about our business and past clients through our case studies and testimonials.

We believe in the power of relationships and results. Check out all of our Fort Collins-based services today! 

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