FAQs About Techinc

According to Merriam Webster, information technology is “the technology involving the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for the processing and distribution of data.”

In other words, it’s the technology infrastructure of your business!

We can provide just about any business IT services in Denver. We offer:

  • Managed IT Services
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Remote IT Services
  • Security Assessments
  • IT Consulting
  • Computer Repair

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Matt Wood started Techinc in 2005 but began serving clients in 2003, so we’ve experienced many changes in the IT industry. It’s one of the reasons we’re Denver’s best IT company!

We typically provide IT support to small to midsize businesses in Denver, Aurora, Littleton, and Colorado’s Front Range cities. Our client base fluctuates and averages approximately 50 locations, including out-of-state support, and approximately 1000 end-points.

If you’re unsure whether Techinc is the right fit for you, feel free to get in touch!

We’re headquartered right in Denver, and we love supporting area businesses with top-quality IT services.

Techinc is here for you when you need us. Our emergency response time is one hour or less, and you’ll always have the option to speak to a real human.

Every technician on the Techinc team is at least a Tier 3 engineer with 7+ years of experience. We take pride in our hands-on approach, and we treat your business as if it were our own.

Techinc is also a member of The20, meaning we’re able to leverage the expertise of 100 other MSPs.

IT forms the backbone of most businesses these days—you need a functioning IT infrastructure to prosper. Whether you’ve been let down by previous IT companies or need to replace your in-house team, Techinc is here to support your business’s growth and success.

In the past, Techinc has subcontracted specialized work beyond our scope of business, such as cabling, fiber, and security camera installation. If any such requirements arise at your business, Techinc will continue to utilize our trusted, experienced partners to provide these services.

We have partner relationships with major manufacturers on both the hardware and software sides of the aisle. CenturyLink, Comcast, Sandler, Deep Instinct, AppRiver, Carvier, KnowBe4, Dell, Lenovo, Efolder, Webroot, The20, Microsoft, Sophos, SonicWall, Autotask, and Kaseya (to name a few) are all resources that we use on a regular basis. We maintain direct lines of communication with account managers at all vendors and have the ability to leverage their resources for your benefit.

Techinc’s client base consists of small to medium-sized businesses—ranging from 5 to 150 users—in a wide variety of industries, including engineering, legal, manufacturing, financials, non-profit, commercial building, and service providers. For example, we’ve worked with Riggs Abney Law Firm, CVL Engineering, First Ascent Asset Management, Core Civic, Fit Turf, Special Aerospace Services, OneFLIGHT International, and many more.

At present, Techinc no longer accepts clients with an employee count smaller than 15.

Your employees can contact Techinc via phone, email, or chat for assistance with all technical items at your business. Every request, regardless of the user’s chosen method for submitting, is recorded in our ticketing system, and all communication efforts are thoroughly documented.

Requests that are not resolved by the helpdesk within timeframes set in the service level agreement (SLA) are escalated to Tier 2 or 3 support for senior engineer assistance.

Techinc will distribute reports to your business on a monthly basis. These will consist of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), number of tickets, time to resolve, and any threat-related data. These reports will be sent on the 15th of each month for the previous month’s work. Upon request, we can send detailed reports regarding all network infrastructure and computers under management.

We will work with your business to ensure the correct people have the information they need on a daily basis. This effort will occur at stage two of the onboarding process.

Techinc uses ITGlue to record network and systems information. Documentation is the number-one priority for Techinc as we onboard a new business—this is how we learn about our clients in preparation for offering the best Denver managed IT services possible.

A copy of the system documentation is available upon request. We can arrange portal access for your key employees to view system documentation as well.

Techinc will gladly have one of our field services engineers work with employees on all emerging technology at your business. If there are line of business applications that require vendor training, we are happy to work with the vendor to arrange training that makes sense and adds value to your company.

Techinc works as a managed IT department. Your business should view the relationship as similar to having an internal IT department.

Customer satisfaction surveys are sent to end users for service requests, and those reports are available to management at your business. We monitor this closely to ensure nothing slips. Matt Wood will schedule regular calls with management and users to ensure services are performed as expected.

Additionally, we create Quarterly Business Reviews so we can work together to review feedback-related data. In short, we always want to know if you’re satisfied.

Techinc supports businesses in many verticals. Our client base ranges from administrative staff to engineers, lawyers, and software developers. We are fully adept at helping both the most junior technical staff and the most sophisticated.

Nearly all of our clients have remote users, and we are capable of supporting any time zone in the US. Our tools allow us to easily access machines to assist users. In the event that we cannot access a computer remotely, we are capable of guiding users at all levels of the spectrum!

Techinc charges for assets under management. This information is provided in the Service Agreement.

Techinc does NOT apply a markup to any hardware or software. We are a managed IT services provider and consider ourselves an extension of your business, so an upcharge is not rational. Techinc is compensated for the value we bring to your company as an IT department.

Techinc charges a flat monthly fee for our services. This includes projects related to IT, site visits, and more. Regardless of the time or effort required to resolve an issue, it is covered in the fee.

Techinc will evaluate those items based on scope and effort. Based on the access we have to over 100 IT companies, we can usually find answers fairly quickly and don’t expect additional charges.

Upon execution of the contract, Techinc Solutions will draft a 90-day implementation plan with your team.

Techinc will require the hours necessary to gather vendor-related information, likely with the help of one of your key personnel. Following this effort, we ask for thirty to sixty minutes with each KEY staff member to learn more about their role and to thoroughly document their activities.

Techinc prides itself on having a diverse group of local Denver staff. We select our team members based on not only their current level of experience but also their motivation for learning and growth. We support time and schedule flexibility for all faith-based or religious holidays and events that may differ from traditional observations and volunteerism.

We strive to create a culture of mutual respect, learning, and feedback and have an expectation that everyone will contribute to the direction and continual improvement of our organization. We want each person to feel he or she is an integral part of Techinc and its success.

Techinc believes in a proactive approach. From the beginning, our Denver IT services are tailored to your business’s needs. We work with you to put together a unique IT strategy that supports the growth of your business, and we meet with you regularly to update that strategy as needed. We are always looking for new ways to improve our services and your network’s performance.

Yes! Each invoice is itemized with clear explanations. We double-check every invoice before sending it to you so we are certain it is 100% correct.

Yes. We provide our Denver IT solutions for a flat monthly fee, which means you’ll never be surprised by extra charges. The deadline is stipulated in our Service Agreement, and we promise complete satisfaction.

Yes. Our team of Denver IT experts is expected to maintain up-to-date certifications and participate in regular training. We would never hire someone who isn’t willing to continue educating themselves on information technology.

We own the problems with all lines of business applications for our clients. That doesn’t mean we can fix faulty software, but we will get to the bottom of the problem and work with the vendor to resolve it.

We do! When you call or message us, you’ll always hear back from a member of our staff located at our office in Denver.

We operate as a managed IT services provider, which means we have an ongoing responsibility for your entire IT infrastructure. That includes any problems that crop up.

A break/fix provider, on the other hand, only provides you with specific services when you need them. A managed services provider is usually your best bet if you want a smoothly running IT infrastructure.

Yes! Implementing cyber security solutions is one of the most important things we do. We can take a look at your current systems and suggest the best next steps for your business.

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