Managed IT Services: Helping Businesses Operate at Their Peak

What Are Managed IT Services Anyway?

Any business that uses technology can utilize managed IT services in Westminster. When you do so, you are giving an IT company the responsibility for maintaining all of your technology needs and processes. For busy business owners, this extra help is massively beneficial—you get top-of-the-line, current technology services while keeping costs down. Most managed IT services providers work with fixed pricing, meaning services will be covered for a monthly fee.

As a business that has experienced many growing pains over the years, we understand the challenges that business owners face. Our goal is to make your job easier by providing you with a strong IT infrastructure that will help you succeed for years to come. Techinc will come in and act much like an in-house IT department, but with us, you won’t worry about management or salaries. We prioritize your happiness and ensure that you get the best managed IT services in Westminster.

Global Outsourcing vs. Managed IT Services: What Are They?

While searching for IT assistance, you may have come across the terms “outsourcing” and “managed services.” These are essentially two different ways of providing IT services. A company that provides IT outsourcing will perform a specific number of tasks for you every month for a fixed price. A managed IT services provider brings a more valuable offering.

You will not only get fixes, updates, and repairs with managed IT services but also an IT strategy customized for your business. Managed IT services providers are here to help you advance your business through the calculated use of technology. Whatever your business goals may be, a managed IT services provider listens and communicates to ensure you are satisfied with their work. When you find the right IT partner, your business will benefit.

What Will You Get from a Managed IT Services Provider?

As you should expect from any IT professional, your managed IT services provider will solve your IT problems. When you partner with Techinc, you’ll also experience the best in customer service. Everything we do is influenced by customer service principles from the Zappos School of WOW; it’s important to us that you feel appreciated. We form relationships with our clients, and even the biggest IT issues will be handled with respect.

Your managed IT services provider will look after your entire IT infrastructure, which includes everything from your server to security. Security is a particularly important part of managed services as most businesses in today’s world rely on technology. We’ll provide you with protection from data loss or hackers, giving you peace of mind as you operate your business.

Excellent security combined with a strategic IT plan will help your business thrive.

Techinc: Who Are We?

Matt Wood, Founder of Westminster’s Best IT Company

Matt Wood’s career started in the United States Airforce, where he was taught the value of preventative maintenance. When he moved on, Matt worked in a job that focused on risk management. This allowed him to grow his skills in finding and reducing potential business risks. Matt then decided to pursue a graduate degree in information technology—completing his education at Colorado State University, Matt established a strong foundation for the rest of his career.

During his time working in an IT department, Matt discovered something that would be a founding principle of Techinc: good IT is essential for a business’s success. He decided to start Techinc in 2005; he would focus on providing reliable IT solutions focused on processes and risk management.

We are still proudly operating today. It is our privilege to support Westminster-area businesses.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Pick Techinc for Managed IT Services in Westminster

1. We Care About Your Business

Techinc is committed to Westminster-area businesses! We don’t just provide IT services; we build a relationship with you and support your business every step of the way. You will always feel respected. 

2. You’ll Have Access to Regular Project Updates

If you’re curious about how a project is going, you can view reports and updates at any time with our online service system. Here we keep track of the status of your project so you’ll always know what’s happening. 

3. We Create Detailed Invoices

You’ll never have to worry about inaccurate invoices. Our team carefully creates and reviews every single invoice so they’re correct each time. However, we’re always happy to speak with you about billing questions or concerns. 

4. You’ll Get Answers

You can contact us at any time during our normal operating hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday), but we also provide you with an after-hours number. When you have a problem that surfaces in the evenings or on weekends, Techinc will be here to help. 

5. We Have Eyes on Your Network

It’s important for us to have a strong remote network monitoring system. This system keeps tabs on your IT infrastructure, and we’ll be alerted if there are any potential problems. This enables us to have a fast reaction time, protecting your business from threats and downtime.

6. We Stick to Your Money and Time Constraints

Your IT services come at the price we discussed; we’ll never add on hidden fees that will catch you off guard. We also know how important timelines are, so we’ll always finish projects on time. 

7. We Prioritize Insurance

Techinc carries both errors and omissions insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. There’s no room for mistakes when it comes to protecting our clients, so we go above and beyond to keep our managed IT services worry-free. 

8. Remote Services Help Us Make Quick Fixes

When you need an issue resolved ASAP, we can be there instantly thanks to our remote IT services. We can view your computers and infrastructure from our office, which means you won’t have to wait for a technician. If remote fixes aren’t possible, we will send someone to your location quickly. 

9. We Grow with You

As your business grows, our partnership will evolve. Because your needs will change, we’ll communicate with you to find better ways to operate your IT infrastructure. Whatever you need to thrive, we will adapt to provide.

10. You’ll Walk Away Satisfied

Our job isn’t done if you’re not happy. Techinc values and supports your business throughout our entire partnership—we want your operations to be at their best. You can expect our IT support to be on time and on budget—every time.

Managed IT Services Provided in Westminster, CO

If you’re ready for the best managed IT services in Westminster, our technicians are standing by to speak with you. If you want to learn more, check out what our past clients have to say in our case studies and testimonials. Here are the services we can bring to you:

Take Advantage of the Best Managed IT Services in Westminster

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