Everything You Need to Know About Managed IT Services

What, Exactly, Are Managed IT Services?

Nearly every business has a technology infrastructure and a variety of processes that go along with it. When a business hands off the responsibility for handling and maintaining these to an IT company, they are using managed IT services. Small businesses invest in managed IT services to help their technology stay updated, protected, and well-maintained. Managed IT services providers can also support small business growth through strategic planning with management. All of these services are typically provided for a fixed monthly price.

Business owners everywhere must constantly judge whether the people and tools they have in place are the best for the job. This is part of effectively executing business strategy. We understand how time-consuming your work is, which is why we are ready to jump in and make your life easier. At Techinc, we bring you IT services that reflect the work of an in-house IT department without the steep costs and need for constant management. We provide comprehensive IT solutions with incredible customer service to boot.

As long as you choose a reputable managed IT services provider, your business will benefit from cost savings and peace of mind.

Thornton Managed IT Services and Global Outsourcing: How Are They Different? 

Managed IT services in Thornton and global outsourcing are the two main methodologies used by IT companies. While they seem similar to many, they have a big difference.

When you outsource IT services, you pay for a specific number of jobs each month. These may include endpoint security, backups, and more, but the work ends here. When you hire a managed IT services provider, you get IT monitoring and maintenance in addition to IT strategy and a strong business relationship.

What does that mean? Great managed IT services providers don’t just provide services—they become invested in your business too. They will communicate with you regularly and do everything they can to help your business grow. At the end of the day, your provider aims to set up and operate your IT systems in a way that best supports your business. Your investment in a good managed services provider will easily pay for itself.

What Can You Expect from a Managed IT Services Provider in Thornton?

Your managed services provider is similar to an internal IT division. They will obviously take care of typical IT issues, like computer repair and security problems. However, they will perform that work with the highest level of customer service. We prioritize customer service skills at Techinc, so our supervisor attended the Zappos School of WOW to learn about principles we can integrate into our day-to-day operations. Each team member is encouraged to form a personal connection with our clients, and we know how to handle even the biggest IT emergencies with compassion.

Your managed IT services provider has the expertise to take care of your entire IT infrastructure—that includes each desktop all the way to the server. Techinc is very familiar with the importance of securing and efficiently operating your IT systems. After all, your business can’t run without them! We focus on protecting your business with a fully integrated threat management solution. With this service, you won’t have to worry about losing all the work you’ve put into your company. Every managed IT services provider should provide something similar, and it should encompass both on-site and remote staff.

Optimal security and a customized business continuity solution will help your business thrive.

About Techinc in Thornton, CO

The Man Who Started It All

Long before he started Techinc, Matt Wood worked as a systems mechanic in the United States Airforce. Here he discovered the importance of preventative maintenance. He later learned how to assess and reduce business risks while working in risk management. By this point, Matt was dedicated to building a career in information technology, so he attended graduate school at Colorado State University.

Matt ended up working in an IT department, where he discovered that quality IT is essential for business success. He knew that he could use his IT knowledge and business skills to offer premium managed IT services to success-minded businesses.

Matt launched Techinc in 2005, and the business hasn’t slowed down. There was never a doubt: managed IT services in Thornton built on processes, risk mitigation, and preventative maintenance with a laser focus on customers’ needs would be successful. 

10 Ways Techinc Provides the Best Managed IT Services in Thornton

1. We Guarantee You’ll Be Happy

We take pride in a high satisfaction rate. When you partner with us, our team does everything in its power to support and grow your company. We want you to feel confident that our services are benefiting your business. 

2. You Get Updates Whenever You Need Them

You’ll never be unsure of a project’s status. Thanks to our online service system, you can check out updates and status reports at any time. We enjoy keeping you informed on the problems we’re solving, which is why we give you 24-hour access.

3. Continuous Network Monitoring

Similarly, we also have eyes on your network at all times. Our remote network monitoring system reviews your network for security issues or potential problems so that we can handle them before they become larger projects. This monitoring allows us to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly.

4. Our Invoices Are Detailed and Clear

We’re not just another IT company that tries to nickel and dime you. Our invoices are clear, easy to understand, and detailed. You’ll understand what work was done, why it was done, and when it was done. 

5. We Answer Your Calls

We are always here to help you. In addition to our standard operating hours (M-F from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), we provide you with an after-hours number for problems that come up out of the blue. Techinc makes sure you can operate no matter the day or hour.

6. We Are Insured for Your Protection

At Techinc, we make every effort to protect you. When we work together, we aim to keep the relationship as stress-free as possible. We carry errors and omissions insurance, as well as workers’ compensation insurance. When it comes to your business and your data, we never leave anything to chance.

7. There Won’t Be Time or Money Surprises

Whether it be your budget or timeline, we always stick to our agreement. Your projects will be finished on time, and we never tack on additional fees. 

8. We’ll Grow with You

We don’t just provide IT fixes; as your business grows, we adapt our strategy and tools to your needs. Our team will hold review meetings with yours to help us find new ways to handle your IT even better. 

9. You’ll Benefit from Remote IT Services

When you need a quick fix, we can check the issue out remotely. If we’re able to handle it, you’ll save time and get back to business quickly. Sometimes the problem can’t be fixed remotely, but we’ll still send out a technician in a timely manner.

10. We Keep Our Promises

Your business matters to us. As your local Thornton partner, Techinc maintains the highest level of personal accountability, professional commitment, and employee empowerment. We’ll treat you with courtesy, integrity, and respect—we believe in healthy business partnerships. We welcome your ideas, questions, and concerns.

The Managed IT Services We Offer in Thornton, CO

We’re standing by to answer your questions and get you started with the best IT solutions around. If you’d like to learn a little more first, check out our case studies and testimonials. Here are the IT services we can provide to your Thornton-area business:

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