Boost Your Business with Managed IT Services

Back to the Basics: What Are Managed IT Services?

Your business has a few options when it comes to IT. You can hire in-house personnel, or you can hire a company to handle your IT for you. A managed IT services company in Lone Tree will handle all of your technology needs and processes, meaning you won’t have to spend so much time dealing with tech issues and updates.

Another awesome benefit? You’ll get these professional, up-to-date services for a great price. Managed IT services providers typically operate under a fixed pricing model, so services will be provided for a monthly fee.

As a busy business owner, you face a number of challenges every single day. We understand—we’re a small business too. That’s why we not only dedicate ourselves to providing incredible IT services but also to building and growing your business alongside you. Our process looks to the future; we want to create an IT infrastructure that provides a strong foundation for your day-to-day operations. You’ll find that we work much like an in-house IT team without the need for management or hefty salaries.

At Techinc, we believe that you deserve the best managed IT services in Lone Tree. That’s exactly what we provide.

Should You Invest in Managed IT Services or Global Outsourcing?

Before you choose an IT company to work with, you must decide whether you want managed IT services or simple outsourcing. Here’s what we have to say: one will bring you far more benefits than the other.

IT outsourcing is a business model in which the IT company provides a set number of tasks for you each month. These come for a set price. The provider will take care of these tasks, but don’t expect them to go above and beyond.

A managed IT services provider, however, is more like a business partner. They will handle routine IT tasks like repairs and updates, but they will also create an IT strategy just for you. In other words, hiring a managed IT services provider is truly an investment in your business. You’ll get the assistance of experts who genuinely want to support your business’s success and will treat you with integrity and respect.

What Does a Managed IT Services Provider Do?

As we mentioned, a managed IT services provider takes care of the basics. Whether your computer needs updated or you need your data to be backed up, they have your back.

Additionally, partnering with Techinc will get you the best in customer service. We’ve put time into learning about customer service principles (our manager even attended the Zappos School of WOW) because we want you to feel appreciated every time we speak. Our technicians are encouraged to form relationships with our clients, and every IT issue will be handled with grace.

If you’re hoping for an IT company that will handle all things IT, then you’re in luck! A managed services provider takes care of your IT infrastructure from top to bottom. They will also put a heavy focus on security; without proper cybersecurity measures, your business isn’t protected. At Techinc, we implement a comprehensive security solution to keep your hard work safe from data loss, hackers, or any other problem that may surface.

Techinc’s Beginnings

The Founder of Lone Tree’s Best IT Company

Techinc was founded in 2005 by Matt Wood, but his IT career started long before. While serving in the United States Airforce, Matt worked on mission-critical aircraft. This experience taught him about the value of preventative maintenance.

Later, Matt was hired to work in risk management, which showed him how to assess and reduce business risks. Next Matt attended graduate school at Colorado State University; here he established the foundation for his future career in IT.

It wasn’t long after working in an IT department before Matt realized that he could start his own business in IT. This business would focus on providing reliable IT solutions that would support business success.

The rest is history. Techinc is still proudly operating over 15 years later, and we feel lucky that we can provide expert IT solutions focused on processes and risk management to businesses in Lone Tree.

Why Should You Choose Techinc? Here Are 10 Reasons

1. Your Business Matters to Our Team

We are committed to your business. Rather than simply providing IT services and disappearing, we establish a relationship with our clients and support them through thick and thin. When you work with us, you’ll always feel appreciated. 

2. Each Invoice Is Clear and Concise

Invoices are hardly the most exciting part of business, but they are important. To ensure you are never confused by an invoice, our team carefully prepares and reviews invoices. But don’t let that stop you from asking questions—we’re here to address any concerns you may have about billing.   

3. Technicians Are Always Available

We get it. Sometimes a problem just can’t wait. That’s why we provide all of our clients with an after-hours number. When an IT issue comes up outside of our normal operating hours, we’ll be here to get you back up and running.

4. Updates Are Frequent

We’re proud of our work and want you to be updated on your projects every step of the way. We utilize an online service system that allows you to check out reports and updates whenever you like.

5. Your Network Is Monitored

We are only human, so we rely on a remote network monitoring system to continuously check up on your IT infrastructure. If any problems surface, we’ll be alerted so we can solve them before they get worse.

6. Insurance Is a Priority

Techinc carries both errors and omissions insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. We believe that there’s no room for mishaps when it comes to protecting our clients, so we go above and beyond to keep our managed IT services worry-free. 

7. Remote Services Are Available

Our remote IT services make it easy to solve problems efficiently. You won’t have to wait for a technician; we can simply view your infrastructure and computers from our location! When remote work won’t solve the problem, we’ll send out a technician ASAP.

8. We Change Together

As your business grows, your technology needs will change. No problem! We adjust our strategy and services depending on your business’s stage of growth. We’ll keep you updated and work with you to discover new ways to put technology to work for you.

9. Budget and Timeline: We Stick to Them

Too many IT services providers don’t finish work on time or tack on extra fees at the end of the process. That’s not how we operate; your projects will be completed on time, and you’ll know the costs before we even begin.

10. Your Happiness Is Our Primary Goal

As your partner, we do everything we can to make you completely satisfied with your investment. If you’re not happy with our managed IT services, then we will make it right. From the moment we begin working together, we will put all of our resources into helping your business operate at its best.

Managed IT Services Provided in Lone Tree, CO

The best managed IT services in Lone Tree are only a message or call away. We’re happy to answer all of your questions, but if you’re not ready to chat yet, you can learn more about us on our website. Check out what our past clients have to say in our case studies and testimonials. Here are the services we can bring to you:

Give Your Business the Gift of Great Managed IT Services

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