What You Should Know About Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Basics

Managed IT services providers are IT companies that handle the technology needs and processes of businesses in Lakewood and throughout the world. By utilizing these services, small businesses get great security and improvements to their IT infrastructure while limiting costs (as opposed to setting up an in-house IT team). The work done by a managed IT services provider, such as regular maintenance and system monitoring, is typically covered under a fixed monthly investment made by the business.

Running a business comes with a huge amount of stress—figuring out how to use all of the people and tools available to create the best outcome is a monumental task. We know that, which is why we do our part to help you out as much as possible. Techinc will provide you with the benefits of a typical IT department without the steep costs and need for constant management. We take pride in offering the best managed IT services in Lakewood and the Denver area, and we guarantee complete satisfaction. With a solid IT partner like us, your business will have room to grow and expand.

Are Lakewood Managed IT Services Similar to Global Outsourcing?

It’s common for people to use “managed services” and “outsourcing” to describe similar things, but they are actually quite different. These terms describe two ways of operating an IT business.

A company that provides IT outsourcing will set up a contract with a business that lists out a number of tasks to be completed each month. These tasks come with a set price and may include patch management and data backups.

A managed IT services provider operates more like a partner. Your provider will evaluate your business’s wants, needs, and overall culture before putting together a detailed strategy. While they are providing a service, they also want to establish a relationship with you and your employees. At Techinc, we believe that getting to know and growing with our partners is one of the best parts of the job! Your IT services provider should communicate with you frequently and ensure that their services are supporting your business in the best way possible.

What Do You Get From a Managed Services Provider?

Every managed IT services provider should be able to handle routine IT updates and issues. However, only the best of the best will make the experience a great one.

Techinc’s team is managed by a Zappos School of WOW graduate. Customer service principles are a huge part of our day-to-day business—when we work with you, we want you to feel appreciated. All of our team members are encouraged to create relationships with our partners. Even if you’re dealing with the trickiest IT issue possible, we’ll treat you with the utmost respect.

A managed IT services provider is capable of managing your entire IT infrastructure. From desktop to server, we repair, update, monitor, and more. Security is essential to your IT infrastructure—after all, your business and its data can be damaged immeasurably by a cyberattack. That’s why a managed IT services provider will ensure you and your team (whether on-site or remote) are set up with a good security system.

When you add a stable IT infrastructure to a solid IT plan, your business will experience the impact.

Who Is Techinc?

Lakewood’s Best IT Company Was Founded by Matt Wood

Our founder, Matt Wood, first learned about preventative maintenance when he joined the US Airforce. He gained further skills surrounding spotting and easing business risks when he worked in risk management. These roles pushed Matt to enroll in graduate school at Colorado State University (CSU), where he studied information technology.

Matt wound up working in a business’s IT department, and this sparked a new idea—solid IT must be in place for a business to succeed. Matt knew he had the right skills and knowledge to support businesses that needed dependable IT, and he would do so by focusing on risk management and grounded processes.

Techinc was launched in 2005 and is still proudly operating today. We are honored to offer the best managed IT services in Lakewood and surrounding areas.

The Top Reasons Why Techinc Is the Best Managed IT Services Provider in Lakewood

1. We Treat You Right

Techinc promises to be committed to our business partners in Lakewood. Unlike other IT companies that dodge your calls and questions, we’ll treat you with respect, integrity, and courtesy.

2. No Charges Will Be a Surprise

In our detailed invoices, we cover everything from how long a project took to why it was even needed. Thanks to careful review of every invoice, you won’t have to puzzle through mistakes—but if you have questions or concerns, our team is happy to help. 

3. We Protect You Through Insurance

Techinc carries both errors and omissions insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Your investment deserves to be protected. We’re here to make things easier, so why wouldn’t we do everything we can to defend you and your business? 

4. Top-of-the-Line Technology

Your business will undoubtedly grow and evolve, and so will our business relationship. If your needs change, we will adapt our strategy to ensure you have everything necessary for thriving. Techinc will never leave you to figure things out on your own—we provide review meetings on a regular basis, and we seek out ways to make our services work better for you. 

5. You Will Get Answers 24/7

Like any business, we have regular operating hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday). However, we understand that problems will surface at other times, so we give you an after-hours number that provides access to our team. When you can’t wait for an IT issue to be resolved, we will be there to help you. 

6. You’ll Know How Your Project Is Doing

When you want to know the status of your project, you’ll simply log in to our online services system to view any reports and updates. 

7. We Constantly Monitor Your Network

Thanks to our remote network monitoring system, we can keep tabs on your IT infrastructure at all times. If potential problems develop, we can deal with them immediately to keep them from becoming bigger issues in the future. This system also helps us save you from threats and lost time. 

8. Remote IT Services Provide Quick Fixes

We’re able to provide a number of IT services directly from our headquarters without ever stepping into your office. With our remote IT services, you’ll be able to get back to work in no time at all. However, if we can’t fix a problem remotely, we’ll send out a technician quickly to keep you from waiting. 

9. We Stick to the Budget and Deadlines

We are transparent about pricing from the start so you don’t end up surprised when we send the invoice. We will never tack on extra fees that you don’t know about. Techinc also values punctuality as much as you do—all projects will be completed on time. 

10. Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

When you work with us, you’ll walk away satisfied—that’s a promise. Your business is important to us, and we work hard to ensure you operate at your peak. You can count on us to be on time and on budget for every project. 

Techinc’s Managed IT Services in Lakewood, CO

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