Managed IT Services in Fort Collins: What Are They? 

Managed IT Services Fundamentals

When your business starts growing, you have more and more technology needs. One way to handle those needs is by hiring an in-house IT team, but another increasingly popular way is to work with a managed IT services provider. These providers tend to be less expensive than hiring your own team and come with a wealth of knowledge and experience. You’ll benefit from industry experts who have access to the latest cybersecurity and technology updates.

Beyond standard services and knowledge, managed IT services providers offer you something else: partnership. Just like you, our founder has experienced all of the challenges and victories that come with running a small business. We are deeply familiar with what it takes to not only start a business but grow it, and we’re here to make the process a little easier.

When you spend less time worrying about your network and security, you spend more time focusing on your business and its growth. Working with Techinc gives you peace of mind and a partner who has your best interest at heart. No matter the situation, we do everything in our power to ensure you are satisfied with our Fort Collins managed IT services.

Wait a Second—Are Managed IT Services the Same as Global Outsourcing?

We’re glad you asked! While both managed IT services and global outsourcing address IT issues, they are not the same service. When you outsource, you simply receive tech support for a set number of tasks each month, all at a set price.

On the other hand, managed IT services are more in-depth. In this business relationship, you receive IT support in addition to strategy, emergency support, and more. You can expect a partnership with your provider, not just a monthly transaction. A managed IT services provider intends to build a relationship with you while enhancing your business.

The team at Techinc is proud to bring the best managed IT services to Fort Collins–area businesses, and we’re excited to help your business grow.

What Else Can You Expect from a Managed IT Services Provider in Fort Collins?

As we mentioned, your managed IT services company will be a whiz with all of your tech problems. Whatever the issue, you can expect them to get it figured out. However, the best providers strive to bring you world-class customer service. That’s something we strongly believe in.

At Techinc, we take the necessary steps to provide you with incredible customer service. From our founder attending the Zappos School of WOW to encouraging our staff to build relationships with clients, we are always looking for new ways to improve your experience with us. Even the most stress-inducing incidents can’t make us lose our cool.

Additionally, managed IT services providers protect your entire IT infrastructure. It’s not just about the little issues that crop up. From your desktop computers to your server, they will carefully watch over your technology. This includes security, which is one of the most important parts of IT services. When proper security measures are in place, you won’t have to worry about losing essential data or your customers’ trust.

Techinc Is Fort Collins’ Best IT Company

How We Came to Be

We were founded all the way back in 2005 by Matt Wood. Before starting Techinc, Matt built his business and IT skills in a variety of roles.

First he joined the US Airforce. Here he learned the value of preventative maintenance; Matt worked on important aircraft, which had to be in tip-top shape. Later he spent some time working in risk management, which taught him how to identify and mitigate business risks. Matt’s career was leading him toward IT, so he eventually enrolled in graduate school at Colorado State University.

During his first official role in information technology, Matt had a revelation. Without a sturdy IT infrastructure, a business can’t succeed. He pulled together all of the skills he had built over the years to create an IT company focused on small business success.

Techinc is now one of the best IT companies in Colorado. There is nothing we’d rather do than provide the best Fort Collins managed IT services.

The 10 Reasons Why Techinc Is the Best Managed IT Services Provider in Fort Collins

1. We Protect Your Network

Many businesses can’t perform when their network starts acting up. We understand that your network is vital, so we utilize a network monitoring system. It checks for problems at all hours of the day; we can handle any issues right away and catch potential threats before they harm you.

2. We’ll Never Disappear on You

If you’ve had a bad experience with an IT company in the past, we can’t say we’re surprised. That’s one of the reasons Techinc will always be around to address your concerns and answer your questions. Our team members treat you with respect.

3. We Support You With Remote IT Services

We get it—sometimes IT problems can’t wait. In many of these situations, we’re able to access your technology and systems remotely and solve the problem without ever leaving our headquarters. You won’t have to wait around for a technician.

4. We Adapt to Your Business’s Growth

One of the best parts of being a managed IT services provider in Fort Collins is watching our clients grow and become more successful over time. With every change in your business, we’ll adapt to meet your needs. Any strategy that we’ve created together will be adjusted to ensure your business is benefiting from the right IT services.

5. We Don’t Surprise You

Well, at least not in a negative way. We stick to the budget and timeline outlined before we begin working together. You’ll already know exactly what the invoice should show, so you’ll never be surprised when we send it over.

6. We Update You Regularly

If we were in your position, we’d want regular updates on the status of our project. That’s why we provide you with access to our online service system, where you can easily view updates and reports.

7. We Are Easy to Reach

Techinc has your back no matter the day or hour. If you work on the weekends, we do too. We’re always available during our normal business hours, but we also give you an after-hours number so you can reach us in case of an emergency.

8. We Carry Insurance for Your Protection

Insurance isn’t exciting, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Techinc carries both errors and omissions insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. This way, we can keep your investment in expert IT services safe.

9. We Put Time Into Our Invoices

Every invoice that we produce carefully details information about your project. We double-check them to ensure accuracy too. While your invoice should always be correct, we’re more than happy to help you should something seem wrong.

10. We Promise Complete Satisfaction

Companies in Fort Collins trust us for a reason. We don’t let anything stand in the way of making our clients happy, and we are confident in the services we provide. Your satisfaction matters to us.

Techinc’s Managed IT Services in Fort Collins, CO

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