Managed IT Services in Englewood: What Are They?

The ABCs of Managed IT Services

If you use any sort of technology to run your small business, then you likely have an IT team supporting you. Sometimes, though, companies choose to hire an outside IT company to run and maintain their IT infrastructure; this is managed IT services.

Why would someone choose an IT company over having their own in-house team? Managed IT services providers typically cost less than employing a team of IT experts, plus your provider will supply the latest skills and technology in the IT world. You can work with a managed services provider for a fixed monthly investment.

To successfully execute your business strategy, you must evaluate the tools and people working for you on a regular basis. Are they performing well? What could be better?

This is time-consuming work, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Techinc, we understand your stress and aim to alleviate some of it. Our IT services are nearly identical to those of an in-house team, but we keep costs (both money and time) low. From comprehensive managed IT services to basic computer support, we have everything you need to keep your IT infrastructure running strong.

A quality managed IT services provider will be your new best friend.

Are Englewood Managed IT Services Similar to Outsourcing?

If you’ve heard of managed IT services, then you’ve probably heard of outsourcing too. You may opt for either of these methodologies, but one provides a much more beneficial experience.

Outsourcing is the process of paying a specific amount each month in exchange for a set number of tasks. IT companies operating under this business model will do their job, but the benefits end there.

A managed IT services provider, on the other hand, acts more like a partner to your company. You can expect regular monitoring and maintenance as well as collaboration—managed IT services providers can develop a technology strategy unique to your business.

When you work with a managed IT services provider, your business will be supported by IT technicians who care about your success. They will communicate with you to ensure that you are happy with their services, and they’ll take time to analyze their own work as they go. Your investment in a managed IT services provider can grow your business in an entirely new way.

What Will Your Englewood Managed IT Services Provider Do for You?

As mentioned, you get everything that would typically be provided by an in-house IT department—repair, updates, monitoring, and more. Great managed IT services providers will also bring you a high level of customer service. Managed by a graduate of the Zappos School of WOW, our team focuses on customer service every single day. We encourage each other to interact with clients in a friendly, respectful way. We enjoy building relationships with those we work with.

In addition to surface-level work, your managed IT services provider in Englewood will look after your entire IT infrastructure. Everything from your desktop to your server will be in the care of expert hands.

At Techinc, we also put a heavy focus on the security of your system. One cyberattack or natural disaster can set your company back immensely, so we implement a complete threat management solution. Any managed IT services provider you work with should do the same while considering both on-site and remote employees.

When you work with a company that provides premium security and a detailed technology strategy, your business will see the benefits.

About Techinc, Englewood’s Best IT Company

How We Got Started

Before Techinc was ever a thought in his head, Matt Wood was a mechanic in the US Airforce. This role taught him about preventative maintenance, which was essential for avoiding big problems. Later working in risk management, Matt learned how to identify and mitigate business risks.

Matt decided to take his education to the next level, so he attended graduate school at Colorado State University. Here his career in information technology began in earnest. While working in an IT department, Matt realized that a solid IT foundation is necessary for business success.

Realizing that he could use his skills to offer businesses IT services tailored to their needs, Matt decided to launch Techinc in 2005. As they say, the rest is history.

Here’s Why Techinc Is the Best IT Company in Englewood

1. We Keep You Updated

When you are our client, you have 24-hour access to our online service system. This system displays reports and updates on every project so you’ll always know what’s happening. 

2. We Keep Eyes on Your Network

Your network is monitored by our network monitoring system at all times. This system checks for potential problems or threats, meaning we can prevent these issues before they cause further damage.

3. We Provide Clear Invoices

Have you ever received an invoice that raised a bunch of questions? That doesn’t happen with Techinc. Our invoices are crystal clear; we’ll show what was done, when it was completed, and why it was needed.

4. We’re Here to Help—Always

Sometimes IT problems come up outside of regular business hours, but you won’t have to wait or try to fix them yourself. We provide all of our clients with an after-hours number because we believe that some problems just can’t wait. 

5. We Carry Insurance for Your Protection

You are our number-one priority, which is why we carry errors and omissions insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance. When it comes to your business and your data, we never leave anything to chance.

6. We Stick to Our Contract

Before we begin work, we establish a timeline and a budget—and we stick to it. We complete projects on time, and you’ll never find surprise fees on our invoices.

7. We Adjust to Your Needs

We form a relationship with you, which means we support you as your business grows. When your needs change, we adjust our strategy to one that better fits your business and its goals.

8. We Offer Remote Services

When you have to wait for an IT technician to stop by your location, you can lose a lot of valuable time. At Techinc, we offer remote services. We can tap into your network and computers from our headquarters and solve many problems instantly!

9. We Treat You Well

Techinc is more than just an IT company; we are a partner. That means we treat you and your business with integrity and respect. We are always open to feedback or questions, and we do everything we can to make your experience a great one.

10. We Promise Complete Satisfaction

If you’re not satisfied with our services, then neither are we. When we enter a business relationship, we promise you and ourselves that we will go above and beyond in providing managed IT services.

The Managed IT Services We Offer in Englewood, CO

Have questions about our IT offerings? Want to speak with one of our technicians? Get in touch with us today! If you’d like to learn a little more first, check out our case studies and testimonials. Here are the IT services we can provide to your Englewood-area business:

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