Managed IT Services 101

Managed IT Services in Centennial Basics

If you operate a business, then it’s likely you use technology. Whether you have a few computers or a complex system, your IT infrastructure and processes are vital to your business. When operating well, you barely notice, but when operating badly, every day is a struggle.

Many businesses opt to hand IT work over to an IT company that offers managed IT services. These companies handle all aspects of your technology, helping your business stay secure and updated while also supporting growth. Even better? These services are typically provided for a fixed monthly investment, meaning you’ll always know what to expect.

At Techinc, we understand how difficult running a business can be. When you’re constantly evaluating the tools, systems, and people involved in your business, you don’t have time to deal with IT issues. That’s where we come in.

We’ll operate similarly to an in-house IT department, but our technicians have the know-how to work independently. Our services cost less than the salaries of an expert IT team. We bring you comprehensive IT solutions, delivered with a side of stellar customer service, and make your life a whole lot easier.

Are Outsourcing and Centennial Managed IT Services the Same?

There are two main options when it comes to IT services: managed IT services and outsourcing. While they seem similar, one provides far more benefits for your business than the other.

If you decide to go with outsourced IT, you will pay for a set number of tasks every month. These tasks, like patch management and endpoint security, will be completed—and that’s it.

If you decide to invest in a managed IT services provider, you will pay for constant IT monitoring and maintenance as well as a detailed IT strategy. Your provider will figure out how to put your technology to work for you.

In short, your managed IT services provider is more than just a company you pay. They are your partner, putting just as much effort into your business as you do. They care about your success. You can expect excellent communication and IT technicians who go above and beyond for you.

When you choose a managed IT services provider, you make an investment that will impact your business for years to come.

What Will Your Managed IT Services Provider in Centennial Do?

Your managed IT services provider comes in and acts like a regular IT department. When your computer needs to be fixed or a new program must be installed, they will handle it.

At Techinc, our IT services come with a high level of customer service. Thanks to our manager’s time at the Zappos School of WOW, we’re well-versed in customer service principles. We make every effort to integrate those principles into every interaction with our clients. Every member of our team is encouraged to form a connection with you; after all, we hope to build a long-term relationship.

From your server to each computer you have, your IT services provider can do it all. Our years of training allow us to provide comprehensive support. One of the areas most important to us is security; we know how quickly a disaster can ruin a business. That’s why we also provide a fully integrated threat management system. With this system, we can protect your data and all of the time you’ve spent building your business. If nothing else, your managed IT services provider should offer a similar security system.

When you choose a managed IT services provider that brings top-notch security and business-minded IT solutions to the table, your business will feel the difference.

About Techinc in Centennial, CO

Our Founder, Matt Wood

Every business can trace its beginnings back to a talented individual, and we are no exception. Our founder, Matt Wood, began his career in the US Airforce. There he was exposed to preventative maintenance and its importance for smooth operation. Next Matt worked in risk management; once again he learned important skills. Matt decided to pursue a career in information technology, so he attended graduate school at Colorado State University.

Once he began working in a business’s IT department, all of the knowledge Matt gained over the years came together. He realized that he could combine his business skills and IT knowledge to bring customized managed IT services to small businesses in Colorado.

Matt launched Techinc in 2005, and we’ve been growing ever since. There was never a doubt: managed IT services in Centennial built on risk mitigation, preventative maintenance, and processes with a focus on customers’ needs would be successful. 

How Techinc Provides the Best Managed IT Services in Centennial

1. We Stick to Our Agreement

When we start working together, we’ll be upfront about the budget and timeline. And we stick to them. We never add on extra fees at the end, nor do we finish projects late.

2. We Keep You Updated

We enjoy keeping you informed on the problems we’re solving. Techinc uses an online service system that keeps track of project reports and updates. Whenever you want to check on your project’s status, all you need to do is log on to the system. 

3. We Keep Eyes on Your Network

With us, your network will always be monitored. Our remote network monitoring system checks for security issues or potential problems. If it finds any, we can handle them right away before they get worse. This monitoring allows us to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly.

4. We Are Available

We believe that you should have access to smoothly running technology at all times. That’s why we provide our clients with an after-hours number. Even outside of normal business hours, we’re here to provide assistance. 

5. We Invest in Insurance

At Techinc, we make every effort to protect you. We carry errors and omissions insurance, as well as workers’ compensation insurance. When it comes to your business and your data, we never leave anything to chance.

6. We’re Adaptable

Techinc is more than just an IT services provider; we are a partner. Your business will inevitably grow, which means we will change too. We provide the right strategies and tools for every point in your growth, and we hold review meetings with you to determine what can be improved.

7. We Send Clear Invoices

Invoices can be a pain to understand, which is why ours are always clear. We provide details on every project so you’re never confused about costs.

8. We Provide Remote Services

When you need a problem solved ASAP, we can check the issue out remotely. If we’re able to handle it, you’ll save time and get back to business quickly. If the issues can’t be handled remotely, one of our technicians will be sent to your location quickly.

9. We Promise Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. When you partner with us, our team does everything in its power to support and grow your company. We want you to feel confident that our services are benefiting your business. 

10. We Treat You with Respect

Your business is important to us. In every interaction with clients, Techinc maintains the highest level of personal accountability, professional commitment, and employee empowerment. We strive to build business relationships that last.

The Managed IT Services We Offer in Centennial, CO

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If you’d like to learn a little more first, check out our case studies and testimonials. Here are the IT services we can provide to your Centennial-area business:

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