The Basics of Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services: What Are They?

When a company in Arvada acquires managed IT services, that means it is giving an IT company the job of handling nearly all of its technology needs and processes. Using managed IT services helps small businesses in Arvada stay modern while enhancing their cybersecurity protection, overall IT infrastructure, and day-to-day processes. A managed IT company usually offers fixed pricing, which means any maintenance, support, and security is the same price monthly. These services include security, business continuity solutions, and regular monitoring of IT systems.

What’s one of the biggest challenges businesses face? Using the right people and resources to execute strategy effectively. Techinc eases some of that challenge. Our managed IT services are similar to those of an internal IT department without the high cost. Our priority is satisfying our clients and providing superb IT solutions that meet your every need. When you work with the right IT company, your business will not only save money but work better.

How Are Arvada Managed IT Services and Global Outsourcing Different?

Though both terms are used to describe similar services, outsourcing and managed IT services are actually quite different. A company that utilizes IT outsourcing pays for a set number of IT tasks each month. These may include security, backups, and patch management. Managed IT services providers, on the other hand, offer much more inclusive and involved partnerships to your business.

With managed IT services, you will get a strategy that fits perfectly with your company culture. Your relationship with your service provider will involve communication and updates—they will provide you with guidance and ensure your IT processes are helping, not hindering, your business. Since IT influences all areas of business, you need services that directly support and grow your company.

What Will You Get from a Managed IT Services Provider?

Like an in-house IT department, a managed IT services provider will take care of typical service-related incidents. However, customer service should be above and beyond. At Techinc, our team is managed by a Zappos School of WOW graduate. That means we integrate the best customer service principles in our daily operations. Our employees are encouraged to create personal connections with our clients and treat them with compassion no matter how severe or stressful an IT emergency may be. Our culture is centered around responsiveness and empathy.

Managed IT services providers also handle the entire IT infrastructure of your company, all the way from desktop to server. We know that your business needs a reliable, secure IT infrastructure to be successful, which is why we bring you a fully integrated threat management solution. Great security is a must; you have spent years building your reputation, and we aim to protect it. You should always get a comprehensive security solution for all staff, whether they be onsite or remote. When you combine these measures with a hybrid business continuity solution, you’ll find that your business has the proper foundation to not only operate but succeed.

About Techinc in Arvada, CO

The Man Who Founded Arvada’s Best IT Company

Matt Wood began his career in the United States Airforce, where he learned about preventative maintenance and responding to problems outside of the upkeep window. Later, while working in risk management, Matt became skilled in identifying and alleviating business risks. He decided to take his passion for IT to the next level by enrolling in graduate school at Colorado State University—here he was taught everything he needed to know to start a career in IT.

Matt eventually worked in an IT department and learned about IT’s role in the success of a business. It wasn’t long before he realized he could offer managed services to businesses that were looking for reliable IT solutions, especially those focused on processes and risk management.

Matt launched Techinc in 2005, and the rest is history. Techinc is proud to offer the best managed IT services in Arvada and surrounding areas.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Techinc for Managed IT Services in Arvada

1. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We promise complete satisfaction. Our team values your business and wants your operations to be smooth and secure. Our IT support will always be on time, and with flat-rate fees, you’ll never have to worry about your budget. 

2. We Answer Your Calls

While our regular business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, we provide you with an after-hours number for issues that come up outside those times. We want you to be able to operate no matter the time. No more Googling—you’ll hear a real voice with IT answers when you need them.

3. You’ll Never Be Left Wondering

All of our clients can check on the status of their projects whenever they want. You’ll be able to view updates and reports thanks to our easy-to-use online service system. Our IT solutions are best in class, and we want you to know exactly how they’re being implemented. We proudly provide 24-hour access.

4. Our Invoices Are Crystal Clear

We always deliver detailed invoices. You deserve to know what you’re paying for, so we itemize the work we’ve completed, when it was performed, and why it was necessary. To ensure complete accuracy, we review our invoices before sending them to you. Got questions about your billing? We’re happy to answer them. 

5. We’re Insured for Your Protection

We go out of our way to make sure you are protected and take the worry out of secure technology. We carry errors and omissions insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. We take every precaution to keep you happy and safe.

6. Deadlines and Budgets Are Important to Us

You’ll get IT services when you need them at the price you signed up for. All of our projects are fixed price and guaranteed to be completed on time. We stick to our agreement and deadline without tacking on additional charges and hidden fees.

7. Network Monitoring At All Hours

Our remote network monitoring system reviews your IT infrastructure for any potential problems so we can fix them right away. The system ensures that critical security settings and patches are up to date. This keeps your business safe from downtime and security threats. 

8. Fixes When You Need Them

We won’t keep you and your clients waiting. Our remote IT support makes computer and network repair quick and painless. You won’t have to sacrifice workflow and production as you wait for a technical support specialist to show up. If we can’t fix the problem remotely, one of our technicians will be sent quickly.

9. Always Improving Technology

We will evolve with your business and its needs to provide the best managed IT services. Too many IT service providers disappear after the initial setup, but that’s not how Techinc operates. We conduct regular review meetings and constantly seek ways to help you improve operations, lower costs, increase efficiency, and prevent potential issues. 

10. We’re Committed to You and Your Business

As your local Arvada partner, Techinc maintains the highest level of accountability, commitment, and empowerment. We’ll treat you with courtesy, integrity, and respect.

Managed IT Services Offered in Arvada, CO

Want to learn more about how your business in Arvada can benefit from Techinc’s managed IT services? Check out what our past clients have to say in our case studies and testimonials.  Here are the services we can bring to you:

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