Are Your Cybersecurity Services Letting You Down? Here’s How To Know When It’s Time To Switch Providers

Here’s a million dollar question for you: do you get excited to call your IT?

If you didn’t answer “yes”, it may be time to evaluate your cybersecurity services. IT isn’t always the most glamorous part of your business, but it is one of the most essential, which means that if they aren’t performing their best, then you aren’t performing your best.

When is it time to cut the cord? Here are just a few red flags to look out for to see when it may be time to switch your  IT service provider.

Reactive Mindset vs Proactive Mindset

Your cybersecurity isn’t just there to make you change your password (again) right when you finally have memorized the old one. It’s keeping cybercriminals at bay who want your data, and they are always finding new ways to get into it.

Disasters happen sometimes, but if your IT services seem to skew more towards making things right than making things better, you may have a problem. Your IT team is in a unique position to anticipate problems before they happen; if they don’t have a proactive mindset, then you may not be able to stay one step ahead. Falling behind in cybersecurity is frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive in the long run.

You want a provider that constantly looks for how to improve your system. In this field, the status quo isn’t just annoying; it’s potentially catastrophic.

Talking At You (Instead Of With You)

It’s great to have smart technicians on your team, but unfortunately, that’s not enough. Your cybersecurity services need to work with your day-to-day operations, not just alongside, and that can get tough when it feels like you are not even speaking the same language.

IT poses a unique challenge in that it’s a complex, highly technical, and jargon-filled field. You definitely want your IT service provider to know more than you when it comes to the subject, but if they aren’t able to relay important concepts to you in terms that you can apply immediately to your operation, then they might as well be speaking gibberish.

It’s easy to fall into a one-way relationship with your IT team sometimes. They tell you to do something, then you tell them to do something; it can feel like a zero sum situation sometimes. But to really excel, you want to share information mutually in a way that complements and  expands the other’s perspective. Your technicians should strive to understand your operation so they can give relevant suggestions in real time to improve your system; conversely, your team should also try to include you in the cybersecurity decisions so that every security measure is sustainable.

Hard To Find When Things Go Wrong

When’s the last time that your computer issues happened at a time convenient to you? Cybersecurity problems are generally stressful and time-sensitive, which means that if you can’t get a hold of your team, the damage is only going to multiply by the second.

Annoyingly long wait times, incomprehensible work hours, unclear roles and responsibilities: all of these keep you–and your team–from getting your tech back in working order. This leaves you open to data breaches, malware, and everything in between in the meantime.

Your IT team doesn’t have to deliver miracles, but it does need to deliver consistency. If talking with your provider is like pulling teeth, this isn’t just bad customer service; it’s passing off the workload onto your employees, which costs you time and money.

Confusing Or Bloated Service Packages

If your package wasn’t tailored to your business, there may be gaps and overcorrections in your coverage. Your network may have an undiscovered vulnerable access point, or on the other hand, you may have unnecessary services that clutter up the process. 

You deserve to know exactly what you are paying for and how it impacts your operation. If it doesn’t help, it hurts. If your provider can’t justify every line item in a way that makes sense to you, then you could be in for a painful surprise down the road.

So What Now?

If any of these have resonated with you so far, don’t panic. There are phenomenal IT providers ready to assist you, and the best part is that many of them could be local to you. A community that protects each other has unmatched potential, so if you can find a better IT match, be sure to set your business up for success.