Get to Know the Man Behind
Denver’s Best IT Company

Matt’s Background

In the United States Air Force, Matt worked on mission-critical aircraft as a systems mechanic. This taught him the value of preventative maintenance and effective responses to problems outside of the upkeep window. Then, working in risk management in the City of Loveland, Matt further developed skills related to the identification, assessment, and mitigation of business risks.

His passion for entrepreneurship and information technology landed him in graduate school at Colorado State University, where he built the foundation for a career in computer information systems.

Later, working in the IT department at Platte River Power Authority, he learned the importance of information technology and its relation to business success. Matt discovered he could apply this skillset and offer managed services to businesses needing reliable IT solutions built on processes, risk management, and business acumen.

In 2005, he decided to launch Techinc. There was never a doubt: Denver IT services built on processes, risk mitigation, and preventative maintenance with a laser focus on customers’ needs would be successful. And Techinc certainly has been.

“We take an interest in our customers’ businesses and try to find ways to streamline operations, make them more efficient, and ultimately increase revenue.” Matt Wood

Passion and Profession

Matt began offering small business IT services throughout Denver and Colorado’s Front Range; word of mouth grew his business and enabled him to move into information technology full time. Since then, Techinc has served a diverse roster of businesses and professional firms. Clients include architects, legal, manufacturing, medical, engineering, and financial services—just to name a few.

Over the last decade, technology in the workplace has exploded. It’s now easy to find IT services in Denver, but Matt’s unshakeable vision, customized approach, and commitment to client relationships has contributed to Techinc’s evolution and success among even its strongest competitors.

Matt’s passion and mission have become the heartbeat of Techinc’s professionalism and expertise. He leads the most reputable, respected IT solutions company in the community.
Why Techinc? We won’t simply “set it and forget it.” We’re not going to disappear. Matt began the business by being genuinely interested and present. And that’s how things remain.

Techinc as an Industry Leader

Having established a base in Denver and the surrounding areas, Matt now has his sights set on expanding along Colorado’s Front Range, north of the Mile High City, with a satellite office in Fort Collins.

“I have over a decade of operational and management experience and have witnessed all aspects of the SMB IT environment. This has allowed me to develop a sharp eye for how businesses get bloated with IT inefficiencies and inadequately maintained systems.”

Matt Wood

Matt understands the trust involved in technical support, so it’s no surprise Techinc takes care of the details and focuses on what will make businesses better. So many turn to us after bad experiences with other IT companies that let them down. Other clients grow so quickly that they can’t handle IT issues in-house anymore. Whatever your needs, say hello to the trusted experts at Techinc, Denver’s best IT company.

Our Reputable Strength

Businesses deal with non-responsive IT services all the time. Companies have problems, and those issues continue to resurface without proper IT support. Such soft costs eat away at profits.

It’s become almost understood that your technical support specialist won’t be around when you need them. But that’s not the story here. Matt has instilled within Techinc his personal approach.

Another aspect of Techinc’s strength lies in cyber security. Matt understands it’s something even the smallest of businesses can’t do without. The good news is you don’t have to make a major investment to get a strong system in place. From the beginning, Matt wanted Techinc’s services to be honest, customizable, and affordable. That’s exactly what they are.

Let Techinc advise you now! We’ll assess your needs, design a plan, help you budget, and schedule visits for maintenance. No matter the challenge, the resilient character of Matt Wood holds firm today. It’s at the root of the IT services company Denver knows and trusts.

“Our clients want cost containment, reliability, communication, and protection from malicious cyber attacks. That will always be at the core of everything we do.”
Matt Wood