We’ve all experienced or heard of a tragic loss of data before. Some causes of data loss are system crashes, hard drive fails, ransomware attacks, theft or simply human error. Businesses often have large amounts of data that are too precious to lose. At Techinc, we understand the importance of backing up data. In this article, we discuss nine reasons why data backups are important and some tips for playing the backup game right. 

9 reasons why data backups are important

In a nutshell, backing up your data refers to storing a copy of your data somewhere safe for accessing should your primary fail for whatever reason. Below we detail nine of the main reasons why data backups are important:

1. Cyber attacks are constantly evolving

Unfortunately, the unplanned and the unthinkable can happen to any business. Cyberattacks are constantly evolving to get past your companies’ cyber security. These cyberattacks usually target the most vital business information stored on-premises. An attacker’s aim is often to capitalize on sensitive data. The average small business can be vulnerable to these attacks if their data is not backed-up effectively. There are many reasons why data backups are important, but this may be one of the most significant. 

2. Preventative measures don’t always work

The average business usually has a proactive approach to cyber security already in place. Network security solutions and strong firewalls are vital to protecting company data. However, no one is immune to having their data stolen. So, businesses still need solutions for mitigating data loss. It’s just as necessary to have an effective online backup service such as cloud storage or to backup entire systems off-site. 

3. Competitive advantage

In the event of a disaster, getting your business up and running again quickly can give you a competitive advantage. When you have data backup solutions ready to go, you can have an advantage over your competition. Many businesses around the world have suffered huge losses and reputation damage after losing data. Often, being able to assure your customers that you have a solid data backup and recovery plan can also make your business seem more reliable than those that don’t. 

4. Reduce downtime

Proper planning means your doors can stay open in the face of a data disaster. Any interruption in your company’s day-to-day activity can reduce productivity and cause more than just data loss. It can be a relief to know that if the unthinkable occurs your business can get back to normal operations in as little time as possible. Solid storage and recovery solutions can ensure you are one of the surviving businesses if you go through the unfortunate experience of data loss. Reducing downtime is one of the major reasons why data backups are important.  

5. Essential to your disaster recovery plan

A disaster recovery plan can provide your business with a set of tools, policies and procedures to follow to protect your business. Having a solid plan in place can reduce the effects of an IT disaster resulting in disruptions that can lead to loss of revenue and reputation. Data backup is one of the most significant components of a disaster recovery plan, keeping your most critical data safe. 

6. Avoid extra work

Data backups reduce wasted time by preventing work from needing to be re-done. Having up-to-date backups can ensure time-consuming work is swiftly recoverable. Think about all the time you spent on your biggest project and then think about it all being gone in a flash. Knowing that this information is securely stored off-site can be of great comfort. 

7. Relationships and reputation

Data loss tends to lead to a reduction in customer trust. Being known as a company that has had data loss, especially customer information, often won’t do you any favors. When a customer relationship is impacted, so is the confidence of staff, investors, shareholders and future customers. When you can guarantee your customers that you have strong backup solutions and data protection, you can stand above businesses that can’t say the same. So, it can be said that correct data storage of client information builds trust in a company, making it one of the key reasons why data backups are important.

8. Audits and taxes

There is a requirement for many small businesses to keep business records for certain time periods. This can be due to tax purposes or other regulations. Companies need to save financial and accounting data for reporting purposes. With business data securely backed up, companies can save face during audits. The IRS and other regulatory commissions will not be lenient if your company has had a data disaster. This will merely mean you are not compliant and you may face fines. As such, ensuring important data and files are easily recovered can save time and money in this instance. 

9. Peace of mind

The final and perhaps most important reason why data backup is crucial is simple – peace of mind. No more worrying about losing all that precious data in a tragic instant. Regular data backups lead to peace of mind for all employees too. It’s never too late to start storing a backup version of important company data. An effective data backup solution can save a business from losing investors or customers or even closing down.

Tips for backing up your data

Now that you’re aware of a good handful of reasons why data backups are important, let us give you some useful tips for backing up your data:

  • pair your data backup plan with a disaster recovery plan
  • define strong password policies
  • remove stale user accounts
  • change the default username for admins
  • restrict user privileges
  • encrypt sensitive business data
  • keep applications and firmware up to date
  • audit employee login and logoff behaviour
  • manage USB connections
  • use removable drives or media
  • have an external hard drive
  • utilize cloud-based backup
  • use network-attached storage (NAS)

Final words

A secure and safe data backup and recovery solution provide peace of mind for you, your employees and your customers. Having strong data protection can boost your credibility and retain your reputation. Techinc is your local Denver IT specialist who has been delivering innovative IT services for over a decade. Do you want to protect your business from data related catastrophes? Contact us today to ask us about our unique and effective backup system!